Details About A Part Of The Extinct Animals

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Due to climatic changes, even animals had to suffer. So, a large part of the species once existing on the surface of the earth are now, unfortunately, extinct animals. Researchers discovered a lot about extinct animals and here are details of some of the species. The Tasmanian Wolf is a relative of wombats and kangaroos and it is not actually a wolf. Apparently, it reached the list of extinct animals about 50 years ago. The English Wolf was included on the list of extinct animals after it disappeared form England, Scotland and Ireland. Quagga was a kind of zebra that lived in South Africa, unfortunately, this animal was hunted down until the species became a part of the extinct animals.

The Caspian Tiger is a great feline that was hunted for its fur. In USSR this was a common practice and due to this, the last Caspian Tiger was shot in the late 1950s. Steller’s Sea Cow was discovered in 1741 only to become a part of the long list of extinct animals in 1771, because sailors used to eat this kind of animal. Dodo was a bird living in Mauritius in the early 16th century, but unfortunately, the species extinguished until the middle 17 century. Unlike the Dodo, the Palaeomastodon was a big and heavy animal, resembling an elephant. Sadly, it extinguished about 30 million tears ago. In the Miocene, the Dinotherium lived in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Wooly Mammoth is a famous species of extinct animals that lived in Europe, Asia and North-America about 5000 years ago.

The Giant Kangaroos lived in Australia, as they do regular kangaroos and they were very similar to the regular. The Giant Ground Sloth is another specie of the extinct animals and it is believed that humans farmed this kind of animals, not only hunted them. Baluchiterium is one of the rhinoceros that lived in Asia in the early Miocene. Dimorphodon Pterodactyles is one of the extinct animals of Europe. This animal was a great predator and had a huge head. Many of the extinct animals are unknown to most people, and in order not to risk to lose the other species, is better to know how to protect them.

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