Extinct Animals of This Century

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As our planet has started to develop an an incredible pace, more and more animals are having trouble adapting, so they become extinct. Changes in their natural habits, the proximity to humans or extensive hunting are all causes of the large number of extinct animals. So here are the extinct animals of this century, which have gone extinct sine the 21th century began. First, there is the Baiji Dolphin, also known by the scientific name of Lipotes Vexilifer, a dolphin species which existed in China, up until 2006. In fact, this species is only functionally extinct, meaning that there are too few pairs which have the potential to breed and perpetuate the species.

Then, we have the West African Black Rhino, or Diceros bicornis longipes, which is probably extinct since 2006, as well. The last remaining refuges of the West African Black Rhinos were found in northern Cameroon, where expeditions were organized in order to spot any surviving rhinos. Unfortunately, no signs were found, so these rhinos have become extinct animals. The Golden Toad is also part of the extinct animals list. This species is also known as the Monteverde Toad, because it used to live on the high altitude ridges of Monteverde, Costa Rica. It is thought that pollution and global warming are the main responsible for these extinct animals. Alongside the Golden Toad, Holdridge’s Toad has become extinct, as well. These extinct animals also lived in Monteverde.

The Spix’s Macaw was a species of Macaw which lived in Brazil. They have become extinct animals in 2004, in the wild, mainly because they have lost their habitat. Another type of extinct animals is the Hawaiian Crow species. The last representative of this species lived in the Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge, in Hawaii. We also have the Pyrenean Ibex, which is a subspecies of the Spanish Ibex, and became extinct in 2000. Other extinct animals of this century are Kama’o, Po’o-uli and Craugastor escoces. Besides these extinct animals, more and more species are endangered, so if we do not make anything to protect them, they will become extinct as well.

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