extinct animals

Most amazing extinct animals

Many factors had a crushing impact on the nature till present. Because of the weather changes, interaction with humans, environment pollution and newly developed viruses, many animal species disappeared. We are glad to present most amazing animals that used to live and evolve on our planet:

-          Baiji River Dolphin: an outstanding dolphin that was populating the waters of River Yangtze, China. Because of the industrial revolution that took place here in the past centuries their population was affected drastic and the last of his kind was seen in 2006. This dolphin was known as a symbol of prosperity and peace.

-          Tasmanian Tiger: closely related to the Tasmanian devil, this feline used to live in Australia and the last of them was known to live in an Australian Zoo. Called Ben (Benjamin) this Tasmanian Tiger male died in 1936.

-          Quagga: a species of plain Zebras that could be seen till the last years of 19-th century. Because of its unique color it was frequently hunted. The last of the Quaggas died in an Amsterdam Zoo at 12-th August 1883.

-          Passenger Pigeon: this bird once was known as one of the most abundant species that used to live in North America and had the most dramatic disappearance from all extinct animals. Because damaging the crops regularly Passenger Pigeons were hunted down and the last of them died in captivity on September 1-st 1914.

-          Bubal Hartebeest: once domesticated by ancient Egyptians, this powerful and magnificent beast became extinct because of the European hunters that used to hunt them for their meat. The amazing thing about this ancient antelope that it was mentioned in the Testament.

-          Wooly Mammoth: becoming an extinct animal about ten thousand years ago, this animal is the most impressive representative of the Ice Age. His huge posture, big tusks and mighty made him easily one of the most powerful animals of that period. The weather changes of the New World were fatal to this giant.

-         Javan Tiger: a very rare subspecies of tigers that used to inhabit Java Island. Their track was lost in 1979 because of the massive deforestation and agricultural development. Some zoologists believe that some of Javan tigers survived, but there number would still be very low and the species will be considered extinct.

-         Dodo: a flightless bird species that was closely related to pigeons and lived on the Mauritius Island. This bird was a meter high and used to live on the ground. It is known that Dodos disappeared in the middle of 17-th century because of human activity and massive hunting.