Extinct Animals in the Last 100 Years

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At first glance, looking at a master list of extinct animals in the last 100 years can be quite overwhelming. On this list you’ll discover some of the plant’s most spectacular animal species. For instance, gone is the multi-colored green Carolina Parakeet with its yellow head and orange cheeks. Sadly, it’s now impossible to catch a rare glimpse of the Guam Flying Fox. With that in mind, studies now show that due to global warming and other climate changes caused by humans, nearly one fourth of the current animal species will be erased from the face of the earth.

Now, here’s an in-depth look at various causes of extinct animals in the last 100 years. There are many factors that have contributed to the extinction of various animal species. Many have lost their habitat, there’s the wrath of global warming, and then there’s those animals that have been hunted to the point of extinction. In the case of deforestation, green zones on the plant have begun to get smaller, practically eliminating habitats for numerous animal species. When this happens, many animals were forced to leave familiar territory to find food. They are then more susceptible to getting into dangerous, deadly situations with humans.

With global warming, a whopping 70 species of frogs have literally been wiped off the earth because of changes in the climate. Penguins and polar bears are more at risk of becoming extinct due to the increase in global temperature. And lastly, there’s poaching where animals like the flightless dodo bird were hunted in such a wide manor that they were extinct by the mid 17th century. Taking a close look at the reasons so many species have become extinct animals in the last 100 years can help you understand the importance of preservation.

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