Most Famous Extinct Animals

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The ever-growing list of extinct animals makes you wonder how long until humans will become extinct, as well? How long until a natural disaster strikes or the world is invaded by an unknown population that will change the planet as we know it forever? While humans may not be in danger, a growing number of animals are endangered and are facing extinction. Here are the top 3 most famous extinct animals of all time, which are still subject to many researches and fascinate a lot of people.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest carnivores and predators ever known by this planet. It measured up to 43.3 feet in length and 16.6 feel in height and it weighed about 7 tons. With such an impressive figure, it gets yo thinking how could such a giant become extinct. How did such a ferocious animal die out? While this remains a great mistery, paleontologists have a theory according to which Tyrannosaurus Rex died after a catastrophic even stroke the earth. They believe that a meteor impact or volcanic eruption may have been to blame for the death of these animals and most other living things on the planet at that time. Their theory is based on evidence from the fossil record. The species became extinct about 65 million years ago.

Most Famous Extinct Animals -Tyrannosaurus Rex

2. Woolly Mammoth is another fascinating extinct animal that has become renowned due to its impressive size. Most commonly, the woolly mammoth is associated with the Ice Age. It was probably one of the earliest mammoth species and it lived in North Africa about 3 million years ago. It then migrated o North America sometime during late Pleistocene. Also called the tundra mammoth, this animal did not make it in the New World and is believed to have become extinct about 10,000 years ago, after the last Ice Age. This is the reason why their remains are not fossilized, but preserved in their organic state, since they have remained frozen for a long time. This also led to the woolly mammoth becoming one of the best anatomically understood prehistoric vertebrates and extinct animals known until present day.

most famous extinct animals -Woolly Mammoth

3. The Dodo Bird was a cute, flightless bird that is considered by many to be the archetype of extinct species. The dodo lived in times when the environment was free of predators and it offered plenty of food. It was not a natural disaster or calamity that caused the dodo to become extinct. It was the human kind. The dodo lived in the Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean. When European explorers arrived on the island (in the 1600s), the dodo became endangered. This is because hungry explorers have started to massively hunt it. Unlike many others birds, the dodo was large in size (reaching 1 meter in height), therefore being a great source of meat for weary sailors. Domestic animals accompanying them (mainly dogs, rats and pigs) destroyed the dodo’s eggs and nests, so it was no longer able to multiply. In a few short years, the dodo became extinct.

most famous extinct animals - Dodo Bird

These are the most famous extinct animals known until present day. Other fascinating and intriguing extinct species include the Quagga (half zebra, half horse), the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine), Steller’s Sea Cow, the Irish Deer, the Caspian Tiger, the Great Auk, the Cave Lion, and many others.

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